20 random facts abt me

1. I like blue

2. I love anime

3. I actually like both Yuri and Yaoi…actually mainly Shoujo Ai and Shounen Ai

4. But contrary to popular beliefs about people who like both, I’m not bisexual.

5. My favorite male anime character on 1 March 2017, 5.24P.M. is Matsuoka Rin

6. My favorite female anime character on 1 March 2017, 5.24P.M. is Akemi Homura

7. She has been my favorite anime character for more than a year

8. While Rin only became my favorite male recently

9. In the entire anime world, I admire Homura the most

10. I typed this after taekwondo

11. I’m bored right now

12. I love terrapins 

13. I have two terrapins, Karui and Ushio

14. I think I’m obsessed with terrapin arms

15. I keep touching terrapin arms

16. The scales on the arm is super cute

17. I’m so hungry right now

18. Tomorrow have common test 1

19. I promised myself to study hard

20. I hope I won’t procrastinate:(