New yearsss

Since it’s gonna be new year soon, I decided to write my new year wishes and pet peeves(why am I writing negative stuff anyway? Cos I’m too awesome jk):

New year wish: (UPDATES. Will indicate if wish has been fulfilled)

1. I want to watch as many good(not trashy like daybreak illusion) animes this year as possible(fulfilled.)

3. I want to FINALLY finish writing a novel for ONCE.

4. I want to score lots of As and improve in math and chinese:(

5.I want to survive my last NCC camp as a cadet without getting depressed:( (fulfilled)

6. I want to do better in NCC. But that’s like impossible cos my focus will shift even more to academics now that I’m upper sec so no time liao:(

7. Find a way to quickly fulfill my dreams:

  • Become a successful author with at least one book
  •  Do something that will significantly improve issues regarding animals: etc. Habitat loss, animal abuse 


9. Get over my regrets

Pet peeves:

Two faced people who are like that not because they had no choice but because they did it out of malice

People who dk what is privacy and personal space and how impt it is to me 

People who look down/discriminate others


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