Silent emotions(a poem)

Since I am a poetry lover, I do occasionally write poems when I’m inspired.

This is the poem I wrote in chinese class. The name is Silent emotions. I took like the whole freaking period to write it ystd plus did some adjustments today as well so it shouldn’t be too bad…I’ll continue improving on it whenever I can and I’ll publish the updated versions. Abt poem analysis you can either use your lit skills and pray it’s correct or just dk what it’s abt, cos I’ll nv tell u. But I can give u a hint, and it’s that the persona is a girl who is sick of society’s rules. 

Nailbed History is a mere frosted window

And under a blue moon sunbeams may pass

Then it tears, a raining heart.

We rebelled sense, we rebelled life

Thus, whenever our empty globes meet

Deep in each other’s chasm

We become bleeding chicks and thus look away

But under a terrapin’s rock, 

I dream of your smile

The atmosphere is so chilly 

My soul is torn apart 

By incredible, yet cruel emotions 

Due to karma, denying our precious ties

But then a bloodcurling scream rings

Screaming at bones-heaped society 

To stop locking doors of happiness 

Condemning our chaotic souls

To wander endlessly, in despair


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